Half-Day Packages


We offer a variety of flexible half-day packages, all for the bargain price of $110Bz per person (minimum 2 people).  If you book a morning session, we can also include an traditional Garifuna lunch of fresh fish fillet sauted in mildly spiced coconut milk served with mashed plantain (known as “hudut” in Garifuna – vegetarian variation also available) and your choice of soda or fresh fruit juice for just $15Bz extra per person.

Select any three activities from the list below to make up your half-day package:
1:   1 hour interactive Garifuna drumming lesson
2:   1 hour interactive drum-making lesson/demonstration
3:   30 minute traditional Garifuna drum group performance featuring 4-member band (2 drummers, 2 singers/maraca players/dancers)
4:   1 hour traditional Garifuna dancing lesson